So far I have managed to attend all three Think Visibility events and this year was without doubt one of the best. I don’t get to go to many conferences but of the ones I do go to this is probably the one I enjoy the most. This year featured some really great speakers and I was particularly excited to see that Tom Critchlow would be making an appearance.

There have already been some great roundups of the event so I won’t try to emulate those posts. In this post I wanted to share with you some of the point that I found most interesting about the event.

Tom Critchlow on Local Search

So I think we have all played with and succeeded with Google local to some degree but Tom was able to bring a level of detail to it that I had not seen before. He started by discussing the core elements of ranking well in Google local listings before delving into more detail on reviews and citations. These are becoming more and more crucial in ranking and he was able to highlight some great places to get reviews and citations.

What impressed me most were the comparisons he drew between the companies that ranked well for certain keyterms. He was able to draw up tables comparing the number of reviews and citations in comparison to where companies ranked for certain terms. Of course companies with good reviews and good numbers of citations ranked well. He went on to say that his methods had shown that numbers do matter in terms of reviews and citations.

In all he was a great speaker and reminded me about the bulk upload options for large businesses. This was handy as we recently started working with a fairly major brand. The best practices he outlined were a handy refresher for when tackling the submission task this week.

Patrick Moogan on Link Building

I had not really come across much of Patricks work before but someone in the office had been following him on Twitter and said he was pretty well clued up. He wasn’t wrong and delivered an excellent talk on link building.

In his presentation Patrick talked briefly about the way in which agencies work and maximizing your link building time. I could relate to a lot of what he was saying as he talked about making the best use of limited time. For example on clients who pay for one day a month where can your time be best spent. He in fact showed a chart, which suggested the types of links you should go for depending on the amount of time you had.

The biggest thing I took away from his talk was the need to have a list of central resources and organize your link building efforts more effectively. He suggested listing all the ways in which you could generate links and include possible sources for those links. It’s straightforward but with the mad rush we often forget or don’t get time to do such basic tasks.

Presentation Link:

In all it was a great event and a good day out. I was able to learn a few things and it was nice to meet some new faces. I still think the first one was the best and of course SAScon is just around the corner. It should be interesting to see how it compares.

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